"In the backyard of the [Royal Academy of Fine Arts] school was this little building, on the verge of collapsing. You would have to very carefully go over the stairs, because if you took one mis-step, you could literally push your feet through them. It was almost dangerous. So I think that the whole thing melted well together. It was the switch from the 80s to 90s, the reaction on excess with minimalism and deconstruction, the first appearance of grunge. So that feeling of romanticism, together with the history, the building and the run down corridors with the statues, it really did make a big impact on how you formed your visual language. I really think there was something quite dark and magical about it, matching perfectly the zeitgeist of the period."

— Willy Vanderperre

Jurgi Persoons 1997 — 1999, show invitations

In 1992 Jurgi Persoons graduates from the fashion department at the Antwerp Academy and three years later he starts hiw own women’s collection. From 1999 he shows his collection in Paris in the form of static presentations, quite similar to performance. His oeuvre can be describes as a radical and even trashy interpretation of the classical female wardrobe. In 2003 he stops his own collection and leaves the world of fashion.

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